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tv   BBC World News  PBS  January 31, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> and now, bbc world news. >> hello and welcome to newsday on the bbc. i am in singapore. >> i am in london. the headlines -- u.s. presidential hopeful mitt romney wins a clear victory in the republican primary election in florida. >> mr. president, you were elected to lead give you chose to follow appeared now it is time for you to get out of the way. >> still supported by pakistan and the populace -- >> demanding action at the un, will russia back an international plan for syria. the british establishment take advantage of the man who broke one of britain's biggest banks. >> broadcasting to yours from
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pbs in america and around the world. welcome to newsday. mitt romney has won the latest rounds of the race to be the republican party as u.s. presidential candidate in november. in a speech within the last half-hour, he declared himself victorious to his supporters. he acknowledged to the increasing bitterness of the fight with his main rival knut gingrich, saying that primary campaigns were not meant to be easy. -- main rival newt gingrich, saying that primary campaigns were not meant to be easy. >> three years ago, president obama said, f5 cannot turn around this economy in three years, -- if i cannot turn around this economy in three
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years, i will be a one-term president. we are here to collect. [applause] you know the results. it has been nine months of unemployment above 8%. with this president, more foreclosures have occurred then under any other president in history. in the last 10 days, i met with a father who is terrified that this would be the last night his family would be able to sleep in the only home his family has known. i have met seniors who thought these would be the best years of their lives. now they worry day-to-day about how to make ends meet. i met some hispanic entrepreneurs who thought they would achieve the american dream and now they are seeing it disappeared. in a state of the union address, the president actually said let's remember now how we got here. don't worry, mr. president been we remember exactly how we got here. you won the election. [cheers and applause]
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leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses. another era of american crisis, thomas paine said "lead, follow, or get out of the way." well, mr. president, you were elected to lead. you choose to follow. now it is time for you to get out of the way. >> strong words from the winner there, mitt romney. he returned two-thirds of florida precincts with mitt romney receiving 41% of the vote. >> to get bailed out by washington, d.c. and approved of by mitt romney and newt gingrich. we need somebody who can stop that concept. we need to be who can be a conservative nominee. in florida, we have this
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opportunity. we came out of the state of south carolina with a big win and a lot of money. and he said, i will be the conservative alternative. and it did not work. we cannot allow our nominee to do this in the campaign. so i tell the people in nevada and across this country -- if you want a strong principled conservative who will make barack obama lose this campaign -- thank you and god bless you. >> the former u.s. senator breaks santorum got 13% of the vote. the republican nominee should not be the issue in the republican campaign for the white house. it should very much concentrate
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on president barack obama. he clearly made a point there about the strong feeling shared over this campaigning in this most recent primary between medtronic and newt gingrich. let's look at the latest for now -- between mitt romney and newt gingrich appeared this look at the latest from our abc correspondent. -- from our d.c. correspondent. >> he looked relaxed, a stark contrast to how he looked in south carolina where he got a bloody nose from newt gingrich to defeated him there. he has fallen well behind here. we're waiting to hear from newt gingrich in the next half-hour or so. it is interesting to hear from rick santorum. he is not in florida tonight. he has moved on to nevada, which is the next day to post its contest next saturday. rick santorum is hoping to get an early vote today.
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he did not have the money to compete in florida. rick santorum's objective at this point is to become the not- mitt romney, the conservative alternative to mitt romney. in florida and south carolina, it was newt gingrich. but santorum is saying that newt gingrich's campaign has imploded. he is a completely unpredictable man. he will always draw attention to him rather than focusing on firing barack obama. if he hangs on in there long enough, newt gingrich will blow up and perhaps he can face mitt romney. mitch running as a 15-point lead in the votes in florida tonight with three-quarters of the votes counted. that is a pretty commanding victory here. what you heard was not really the speech of somebody trying to focus on his rivals. this is the speech as a candidate who is bidding sharply to president obama,
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setting out to the contrast as he sees it between a romney presidency and barack obama presidency it is a direct contrast for people watching at home. >> we will take live shot to newt gingrich's rally in florida. this is his wife. we will listen in to what he has to say. he has 31% of the vote. ♪ [applause] ♪ only in america >> he is due to speak within the next 30 seconds or so. he is clearly greeting all of his supporters alongside his wife. here he is. let's listen in. ♪ [applause]
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>> thank you all very, very much. and thank all of you up here. i want to start by thanking the attorney general bill mccollum who has been a great statewide leader and has done so much to help us. he and ingrid have been tremendous. i also want to thank mayor levine who helped us put this together in a short time. we are thankful to all my daughr kathy and her husband paul. [applause] i am very proud of kathy because she did a whole series of spanish-language media this week, trying to help us in the miami area. and also my daughter jackie and her husband jimmy are here. [applause] jackie has been during speeches, has been doing speeches on
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radio, and she and jimmie are the mother and father of my two major debate ketches, maggie and robert. it is great to have them here. i want to thank floridians. everybody here has been so positive it never -- in every part of the state. we want to thank you for your hospitality and the half million floridians to voted for us. i think florida did something very important, coming on top of south carolina. it is now clear that this will be a to-person race between the conservative leader newt gingrich and the massachusetts moderate. and the voters of florida really made that clear. you will notice that a number of folks are holding up a sign,
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about 46 states to go. we did this in part for the elite media. the same people who said was dead in june and july and said was going after iowa seemed very quiet the night of the south carolina victory. so now with easy going to do? i want to reassure them tonight. we will contest every place and we will win and we will be an tampa as the nominee in august. [applause] [chanting] >> newt! >> you might ask, in a five-one onslaught, how was that true? in a historic moment in 1863, in dedicating your first national
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military cemetery, by the president of the united states abraham lincoln -- he said that we are government of the people, by the people, for the people. and we will have people power defeat money power in the next six months. and you might say how will we do that? in the same way that we came back in june and july. by december, we were ahead in the gallup poll national by 13 points to 14 points with no money. it turns out that, if you have ideas and to have solutions and you are positive and you can communicate a better future and you have a history of actually doing something in the past, the combination begins to reach the american people. so let me talk briefly about what this will be about. this is the most important election of your lifetime.
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if barack obama gets reelected, it will be a disaster for the united states of america. make no bones about it. if he can have a record this back, and implement this bad, deficits this bad, policies this bad, gasoline prices this high and still get reelected? you cannot imagine how radical he will be in his second term. so designing a plan together a people's campaign, not a republican campaign, not an establishment campaign, not a wall street-funded campaign, a people's campaign and saying to every american of every background and every ethnic group in every community -- we have a better future for you and your family. it is a future of jobs. it is a future of lower gasoline prices. it is a future of a balanced budget. it is a feature may smaller
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washington appeared it is a future more power back home to you and your family and your neighborhood. this is where we ask you to join us in imposing on the establishment in washington and imposing it on both parties. so let's talk briefly about the power of ideas. in 1980, i was honored to be able to help together the first capitol steps event. at that point, senate and house candidates came together with gov. reagan and it was written about it in "the washington post critic of reagan did not have to run as part of 18 -- "the washington post." reagan did not have to run as part of a team. in 1994, building on that experience, we had 350
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candidates to come and be part of a contract with america, to stand on the capitol steps. we offered a positive program and we had the largest one-party increase in american history in an off-year -- 9 million additional americans voted for a positive vision and we kept our word in every item of the contract which was voted on in the first 90 days. [applause] there is a core question, both in the primaries and in the general election, a simple question. if you're comfortable with of the way america has decayed, then we do not have to change much. we can just manage to the decay. if you think that is a terrible thing to do to your children and grandchildren, a terrible thing to do to your country, and if you are prepared to do what it takes to make sure that we
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change direction, not just the presidency, but the congress, the bureaucracy, the judges, the policies so that the entire system gets on the right track so that america can give our children and grandchildren a more prosperous and safer future, there are folks in both parties who are comfortable managing the decay. we are running because we believe is cheating grandchildren to not insist on fundamental basic change in washington, even if the establishment does not like it. [applause] in the next few days, we will develop the equivalent of the contract in 1994.
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accept this will be a personal one between me and you. i am asking you to make me president. therefore, i have a personal responsibility. part one is conditional. it requires your help. part to i can do if i win the election -- part two i can do if i win the election. part one only works if you help me and we run a team campaign. that means that we have to replace bill nelson with a conservative. [applause] but if you help us in addition to winning the presidency, we elect a republican senate and republican house, i well as clemmons and referred to stay in office and that will last them -- i will ask them on january 23 to stay in office and i will ask them to immediately repeal obamacare. [applause]
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i will ask them to immediately pass the repeal of the dodd- frank bill which is killing housing, small banks and independent banks. and i will ask them to pass the repeal of sarbanes oddly, which is crippling american businesses with no net benefit. my goal is to have all three bills sitting there waiting so the minute i am sworn in i can sign all three and we are off to a pretty good opening morning. [applause] those three provinces are conditional. we have to win the senate by a big enough margin to manage it and we have to increase our strength in the house. help me do that and will do those things. we will put this together in a way that you will be able to see and riding with my signature and
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you will be able to hold me accountable. there are a series of executive orders that i can issue that the congress cannot stop as long as they are within law. the very first executive order will abolish all of the white house czars as of that moment. [applause] we will issue immediately an executive order on the same day -- all of this will happen to hours after the inaugural address. there is no point in having out having fun. before we get to go to the various balls that night, we will have a work. . this is -- a work period. this will be a working presidency. i will tell you up front. i will not compete with obama
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in scene because i am not running for entertainer in chief. i am running for president. and i would say to him now, mr. president, you cannot sing your way past the disaster of your presidency. we will immediately -- i forgot my teleprompter. i said to my staff earlier. i am having to winning this because of the staff failure. [laughter] we will sign on that day the authorization for the immediate deployment of the keystone pipeline as a bad day. my message to the peace -- to the people of canada is do not cut a deal with the chinese. help is on the right way -- is
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on the way. by january, you will build a pipeline to the right place. i will give you a couple more. we will put the other package. this is what a serious conservative president is like who is bald and is prepared to change washington despite the screams of the establishment in both parties. a couple more steps. on that day, we will sign an executive order that will instructed the state department that day to open the embassy in jerusalem and recognize israel. [applause] [chanting] >> newt! >> let me give you two more examples. i will sell that been executive order reinstating rodriguez mexico city policy. no u.s. money will go --
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reinstating ronald reagan's mexico city policy. no u.s. money will go to pay for abortion. many of you may have noticed that the obama administration has declared war on the catholic church and other religious institutions. i want you to know that on the very first day i will sign an executive order repealing every anti-religious act of the obama administration as of that moment. [applause] the reason i am comfortable telling you all this is that i have been studying what america needs to do since the fall of 1958 when my dad was stationed in europe in the army. i have been working on what we need to do. as congressman, speaker of the house, and the private sector.
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i believe it is possible to get this country back on track. my commitment is to unleash the spirit of the american people, to find new and innovative and positive things, to do them seven days a week, to do the relentlessly, to do them without stop, to make sure that we have fundamentally gotten america right on -- back on the right track. and i say this -- if you will reach across the country, use facebook and youtube and twitter and folk calls and even visit, it you will tell all of your friends in the other 46 states that there is a chance to nominate a conservative who knows what he is doing, who has done it before, and to has the courage and the determination to get it done, i promise you, if i become your president, i pledge to you my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor. this is about america. thank you. good luck and god bless you
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[applause] . ♪ >> newt gingrich coming second in the florida primaries. reassuring his supporters of the ongoing contest in every place. he talked a lot about people power and the people campaign. he said this is a people campaign, not a republican campaign. the campaign was a powerhouse in the amount of money that funded it. also went on to say that he had ideas and solutions and a history of doing things. of course, and obama re-election will be a disaster for the
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country in terms of employment and economic policy. our correspondent has been in washington. steve, what did you make of the speech? >> that was new to gingrich in a 15-minute microcosm. he spoke half as long as mitt romney appeared it was classic newt gingrich, passionate, energetic, a bit of focus, a bit rambling. he said he was winging it because his teleprompter was not working. blue-collar voters love this about him. he never gives up. he made the point that he came back from the dead twice in this race already appeared but he is against the money machine. mitt romney won handsomely in florida.
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it will be an uphill battle for newt gingrich. but i think the key point, three of them, number one, he is staying in the race. we will contest every place, says newt gingrich. 46 states left to go. no. 2, he is portraying himself as the only alternative to mitt romney. he says it is a straight two-man race now. he really says that he can win through people power. that people will follow him. yet on facebook and twitter and spread the gingrich gospel. he thinks that he can beat the romney millions. >> mitt romney winning the republican primary in florida by 47% of the vote. >> you have been watching
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